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Mininor Silikon stl. 1 Rund Napp - 1 st.


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    • Modell: Runda
    • Producent: Mininor
    • Ålder: +0 mdr.
    • Typ: Runda
    • Napphuvudet material: Medicinsk Silikon
    • Sköld: Runda och utgående sköld
    • 100 % fri från BPA, PVC och ftalater
    • Godkännande: EN 1400
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    Medical Grade Silicone – free of harmful additives

    Medical grade silicone is the finest and healthiest silicone class on the market.

    Medical grade silicone is a synthetic material commonly used in e.g. hospitals and medical equipment. It is a hypoallergenic, transparent material.

    A great advantage of pacifiers with a teats made from silicone is, that silicone has a smooth surface that doesn’t attract unwanted dirt. In addition it also has a high heat resistance, which ensures that the pacifiers don’t take damage to the much sterilization they will be exposed to. All in all, medical grade silicone is therefore a material that is both easy to clean and hygienic to use.

    Because babies are born with a not fully developed immune system, and because it therefore is necessary to keep an extra good hygiene, Silicone is a most suited material to choose for your infant’s pacifier.

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