Garanterat BPA fria produkter - Gratis gravyr av nappar
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Paciboo Plysch Napphållare - 1 st.


New product

210,00 SEK

Paciboo plysch napphållare inkluderar:

  • 1 st. napphållare
Paciboo plysch napphållare egenskaper:
  • Modell: Animal
  • Producent: Paciboo
  • Ålder: 0+ mdr.
  • 100 % fri från BPA, PVC och ftalater
  • Godkännande: EN 1400, EN 71-1, EN 71-2
  • Napp ingår ej


Paciboo is innovation and Danish design at its best!

The products are driven by the wish to soothe and comfort children, while simultaneously solving the challenge of pacifiers falling out the second the child drifts into sleep.

PaciBoo unites the best qualities of two highly treasured items: The traditional security blanket and the practical dummy holder.

These cuddly and fluffy dummy holders are designed by a Danish mother of two, Stephanie McPherson. 

The PaciBoo plush animals are developed for Stephanie’s own children, and hence she has carefully selected each and every material that goes into the production. PaciBoo plush animals are only made with the very best materials on the market - and they are all 100 % free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. The ring that fastens the dummy holder to the dummy is made of medical grade silicone.

PaciBoo plush holders are both hand- and machine washable.