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Philips AVENT plysch napphållare och ultra soft 0-6 mdr. napp

Philips Avent

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279,00 SEK

Philips AVENT plysch napphållare och ultra soft napp inkluderar:

  • 1 st. nappar
  • 1 st. napphållare
  • 1 st. gratis gravyr
Philips AVENT ultra soft egenskaper:
  • Modell: Ultra soft
  • Producent: Philips AVENT
  • Ålder: 0-6 mdr.
  • Längd: 26 mm.
  • Typ: Symmetrisk
  • Napphuvudet material: Medicinsk Silikone
  • Sköld: Flexifit - Symmetriska sköld
  • 100 % fri från BPA, PVC och ftalater
  • Godkännande: EN 1400
Philips AVENT plysch napphållare egenskaper:
  • Modell: Plysch
  • Producent: Philips AVENT
  • Ålder: 0+ mdr.
  • 100 % fri från BPA, PVC och ftalater

Philips Avent

Målet bag Philips AVENTs produkter er, at skabe de bedste produkter i verden. For at opfylde dette mål skal produkterne ikke blot være af høj kvalitet, de skal gøre det nemt, enkelt og sikkert at få et sundere helbred. Derfor er Philips AVENT inspireret af naturen, og denne inspiration bruges til at udvikle innovative løsninger, som fremmer dit barns velvære.

Medical Grade Silicone – free of harmful additives

Medical grade silicone is the finest and healthiest silicone class on the market.

Medical grade silicone is a synthetic material commonly used in e.g. hospitals and medical equipment. It is a hypoallergenic, transparent material.

A great advantage of pacifiers with a teats made from silicone is, that silicone has a smooth surface that doesn’t attract unwanted dirt. In addition it also has a high heat resistance, which ensures that the pacifiers don’t take damage to the much sterilization they will be exposed to. All in all, medical grade silicone is therefore a material that is both easy to clean and hygienic to use.

Because babies are born with a not fully developed immune system, and because it therefore is necessary to keep an extra good hygiene, Silicone is a most suited material to choose for your infant’s pacifier.

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